It’s been a long year fighting for better education for the nation’s kids. Opponents to teaching history, providing safe and healthy classrooms amid a pandemic, and simply respecting students are everywhere. These are the most outrageous education stories of the year. We must use them as fuel to improve things in 2022. 

2021’s Most Insane Education News

Did you see the Tennessee school district that went with “All Lives Matter” as their Black History Month theme? Oof.

At least that district had a Black History Month. This district in Utah said parents could opt their kids out of BHM. 

This Ohio mom was arrested for… going to work to support her kids. 

Apparently, in Minnesota, it’s a misdemeanor crime for trangender kids to be athletes. They slap these kids with fines.

How about that? The Supreme Court was so flustered by the dumbest case of the year that they actually favored America’s youth for once in a ruling.

Learn what happens when a white kid, a Latino kid, and a Black kid arrive to their respective high school graduation ceremonies out of dress code.

Stick up for kids like Izzy. Always.

A school cop shot a mother dead in a Long Beach school parking lot.

Sometimes, winning awards doesn’t mean you’re a good person. This newly awarded teacher of the year in Florida punched a student in the face when confronted on a racist comment, the student said.

Guess which students have the cops called on them way more than anyone else.

Like this little boy.

And don’t forget about the story that surfaced in 2021 about a 2019 incident in Colorado in which a school resource officer beat an 11-year-old with autism.

Do better for students in 2022, America.


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