Citizen Education Podcast Network

8 Black Hands Podcast

“As the public education wars rage on, few warriors show up to fight for the students and families who have waited too long for justice delayed and denied. Yet, there is one small band of freedom fighters bringing sanity to the village. Anyone who threatens the education of our 8 million Black children is likely to catch these eight Black hands.”

Education Is Power Podcast

Education activist Citizen Stewart explores parental roles, responsibilities, and rights in the education of their children.

The Schooled Podcast

This podcast features 3 fierce voices deep in the fight for Educational Liberation for Black folks. Listen as three Black women from different parts of the country come together to advocate on behalf of millions of Black kids currently being underserved in America's school system. Margaret Fortune, Christine Laster, and Tanesha Peeples did not come to play, they came to make a difference.

The Recess Podcast

We all remember recess from growing up. It was the time of day where you could have all the conversations you couldn't have in class. The Recess podcast has real education conversations explaining students and schools hosted by school leader and education blogger David McGuire.