PETA is Really Out Here Comparing "Speciesism" to Racism, Sexism and Homophobia

The animal rights organization PETA recently jumped the shark with its attempt to drive “speciesism awareness”…cause
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Liberation in Education: Why Don’t We Just Tear the Whole Fence Down?

As I sat in an Alexandria, Virginia conference room along with other powerful, thought-provoking, expert
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President Trump's Border Wall Woes

Reading the news these days feels more like reading a script for an experimental spinoff of “House of Cards.” Contrived
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If you are finding ways to defend tear gassing migrant children, you are a bad person

Disturbing images coming from our southern border, showing the tear gassing of migrants, are shocking people around the

This Toy Allows Young Children to "Build Trump's Wall"

What is on your child’s Christmas list this year? Legos, toy cars, Barbie’s, electronics? These are all things we would
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The Catholic Church Needs a Universal Stance on LGBT Educators and Students

An Indianapolis Catholic high school is once again under fire from the LGBT community as a second school employee has
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I’m Not a Costume: The Truth About Thanksgiving & Implementing Diverse Cultures Throughout the School Year

As a person of color, I am a huge advocate of providing all students with a diverse curriculum. Unfortunately, I am

Holding the Highest Political Office Doesn't Give You the Right to Disrespect Black Women

When the President of the United States rudely attacks and attempts to belittle three tenured White House
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The FBI Says Hate Crimes Are on the Rise, Law Enforcement is Part of the Problem

The FBI just released the bureau’s latest statistics on hate crimes in America, and the top line numbers increased