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Maintaining White Supremacy Requires Voter Suppression in 2018

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic nominee to be the governor of Georgia, and the race is historic from both a local and
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Rampant Voter Fraud is a Myth, but Don’t Sleep on Voter Suppression

You know that phrase “This ain’t yo mama’s civil rights movement,” coined around 2014, during the time of the Ferguson

Some states make voting insanely easy while others move to close the vote

Living in Minnesota where voting is fair, easy, and quick, I harbor a great deal of pride. I tsk-tsk when hearing about
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Dear Ye, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

If 2018 hasn’t been confusing enough for you, here’s a little conundrum to ponder: while Kanye “slavery was a choice”
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Please Suh, Let My Black Child Sit Next To Your White Child.

Nikole Hannah Jones was in Philly recently. I was sorry I missed her speech. I really wanted to hear more about why she
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"Women, are the N-Word of the World" - Someone Come Get Bette Midler

Oh boy. Another well meaning white woman has placed her pretty, porcelain-toned foot in her mouth again. Help, Fatha.

Sympathizers Raise Half a Million for Kavanaugh… Seriously

In today’s latest installment of “Losing My Faith In Humanity”… *sigh* Brett Kavanaugh, the drunken frat boy who is
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Dear Parents: An Open Letter From Your Child's Teacher

Dear Parents, It has taken me way too long to write this to you. Honestly, I know I should have weeks ago when the
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Kanye West is Why White People Can’t Get Away with Having One “Black Friend”

In his latest attention-grabbing gambit, Kanye West used his time as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past