These Parent Activists Aren’t Stopping With Elizabeth Warren. They Want to Meet All the Presidential Candidates.

Back in November we wrote about a group of parents who started a GoFundMe to hop on a bus to Atlanta to talk to Elizabeth Warren about her education plan. They call themselves the “Powerful Parent Network.” And, well damn they are pretty powerful. 

Progressives Have a Troubling Race Problem in Education

If the goal is a democratic debate about how public institutions like public schools should work for families and communities, then leading progressive voices need a fact-based come-to-your-deity about the fact that some of their assumed constituencies, black folks and people of color, disagree with the union-aligned...

Stop Arguing About ‘Equity’ and Focus on Student Outcomes

There’s a major force in the education world that has attempted to claim ownership over the term “equity.” From tweets questioning the value of literacy and preparation programs (like mine) that ask teachers how they create spaces for “alternative forms” of demonstrating knowledge, since “worship of the written word is...

Where Is the Call for a Moratorium on Magnet Schools?

A recent editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about that city’s magnet schools takes issue with the pervasive claim that “integration is the only thing that has ever worked at scale.’ It didn’t work. Feel free to keep saying it though.

3 Tips for a Healthy Parent-Teacher Relationship

Recently, I had to send a letter to parents at my school about how they should act when they are in the building visiting their scholars. We have an open-door policy that allows parents to come and visit their scholar’s class anytime as long as they stop...