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Here are some guidelines to help you approach your blog post.

Submission Guidelines
Length: 400-600 words

Audience: Black and Brown activists, parents, educators, students and all those who are invested in seeing progress for our most marginalized communities.

Topics: Every day millions of black and brown children enter public schools that are not prepared to help them achieve. We reject the idea that this is impossible to fix. It’s not. Our children are brilliant and their communities are amazing. We must tell these stories. Activists tell these stories by touching on the power of educational opportunity, family autonomy and telling the truth about how our system has failed the most traditionally underserved demographics.

Tone: Be real. Speak your truth. We aim to tell the stories that far too often go untold. Highlight successes, call out failures and demand the best for our children.

Format: We use Google Docs to share and edit posts before publication, however if you prefer to send over a Word document that will work, just don’t send PDFs. If you have any photos to accompany the piece, please email them to us separately as attachments and make sure to send the highest resolution possible. You’re welcome to suggest a headline for your post when you send it over, but keep in mind that we often rewrite the headline and select an associated image without consulting the author. Just let us know, though, if you have any concerns about that.

Submissions should be emailed directly to [email protected]. Please note we receive many submissions and not all are selected for publication, but we encourage you to reach out