The reigning Teacher of the Year at Darnell-Cookman Middle/High in Duval County, Florida, is now facing child abuse charges, the Florida Times-Union reports

Teacher Caroline Melanie Lee stands accused of punching a female student in the face, which resulted in a bloody nose. 

Why? How? Huh? 

An Instagram post by the school district congratulating Lee on her award led to former students outing Lee as an open racist in class. The Times-Union has more

On Wednesday, the Duval County Public Schools Instagram account posted a photo of Lee, congratulating her for being named the school’s Teacher of the Year. But several comments on the post questioned the win, asking if Lee was the same teacher who used the ‘n’ word during instruction and alleging other microaggressions committed against students, according to the police report. The original Instagram post and comments has since been deleted. 

A current student of Lee’s confronted her in class. Lee asked the student to speak after class, where the student and other witnesses say Lee struck the student repeatedly in the face, leading to the student’s nose bleeding. 

The legal process is ongoing. 


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