Sometimes, in America, earning a paycheck to support your kids is “child endangerment.” At least that’s what authorities told Shaina Bell of Liberty Township, Ohio, last week, when they arrived at her workplace to arrest her following a tip that she had left her two daughters at home. 

Bell’s two daughters, ages 10 and 2, were at home receiving hourly check-ins from loved ones while she worked to keep a roof over their heads, Bell told the police who arrested her, according to The Hill

Thanks to paying bail, Bell’s family was down even more money they shouldn’t have had to spend. That’s when a GoFundMe project stepped in to help. 

Titled “Help Shaina Bell Rebuild Her Children’s Life,” the project has raised nearly $120,000 from an original $5,000 goal. 

These girls deserve that and more. Working parents deserve that and more. Families making ends meet deserve societal support, not handcuffs. 


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