DeKalb County in Georgia has a new physical education teacher on the scene, and he might just be the most dedicated one you’ll find. 

“A lot of people around the building always ask me, when do I sleep?” Tylan Bailey told WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta

Why all the sleepless nights? Bailey, a 23-year veteran custodian at Hightower Elementary School, has spent the last four years attending Georgia State University after his days fixing everything that needs fixing for Hightower’s kids and faculty. 

Those days begin at 5:30 a.m., by the way. 

Now, with his newly minted teaching degree in hand, Bailey’s on the job hunt to become a physical education teacher. He’s got quite a reference in his current school’s principal. 

WSB-TV 2 has more:

“He’s the kind of person you want in your building, on your side,” principal Sheila Price said. Which is why the principal says it will be so hard to say goodbye. “It’s a bittersweet moment because we love him and we want to keep him here. But we know this is a huge step and we support him. We’re here for him for whatever he needs.”

Readers in Georgia, let us know if your kids have Mr. Bailey for phys-ed in the near future. Sounds like they’ve got a great teacher on their hands. 


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