Sydney Wilson’s a prodigy, folks. 

The 14-year-old Georgia girl will soon be Spelman College’s youngest student—ever. And she’s a family autonomy and school choice success story. 

How so? Blavity has more on the gifted teen’s education:

Her education started at a Montessori school, followed by a few years of homeschooling and a spot at her father’s private school. The young prodigy used to have trouble fitting in with other students.

The incoming biology major spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about her plans this fall, from living on campus to figuring out how to fit in with a different age group. 

“I have been in the middle and torn between two worlds,” she told the AJC about her experiences growing up so far and how that can prepare her for college life. “I could be in a classroom and not be invited to parties and it did use to affect me. But not everyone is willing to accept me, and I had to learn sometimes people are not going to be as openhearted, and that’s OK.”

This future biologist is going places.


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