Although President Trump and Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos have made it very clear that they are not concerned about disenfranchised and lower income communities returning to overcrowded schools, we must care. 

We simply can’t ignore the impacts of COVID-19 because the weather is getting warmer or the fact that government officials in high offices aren’t taking it seriously. 

We also can’t overlook the decisions republican Governors are making to cut education budgets. 

We can’t be silent about State Superintendents and local elected officials pushing in more cops to our public schools while not giving our children the social, emotional support through counselors, social workers, behavior specialists and support staff needed.

Please sign and share this petition “Counselors NOT Cops” in public schools:

Gwinnett County has the largest school district in Georgia. The county also provides itself on being the most diverse. However, parents have recently highlighted in the school board election that this also means that the school system is also are failing more Black and brown children. 

GCPS recently announced its intention to return to in-person instruction in the fall. The release of the announcement coincided with a rapid increase in the official reporting of new COVID-19 infections in both Gwinnett County and the rest of the state.  

Local and national news outlets are now suggesting this could be the beginning of another, deadlier spike in transmissions that could potentially overwhelm our still inadequate capability to protect our families and community from the pandemic.

Here is our call to action!  SIGN THE PETITION

We must support the voices of parents, students and advocates. Parents and stakeholders need Gwinnett County School to truly be the example in Georgia they claim to be by reconsidering their plans that will place many children, teachers and staff in harms way. See more on the parent, student and stakeholders ask of the school board here in the original article.


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