We’re proud to announce our team at Citizen Ed and brightbeam have partnered with the National Charter Collaborative (NCC) to start recognizing superstars in the education system throughout this agonizing COVID-19 pandemic.

NCC had an idea: What if schools could shout out their employees who made all the difference during COVID-19 and deserve their flowers?

Is there a member of your staff that stepped up and created a new practice or recommended the one thing that made a difference in how your school responded during the pandemic who needs their moment to shine? 

The UnConference is your chance to celebrate staff who are the unsung heroes of the last 18-plus months. Please complete NCC’s form and upload a video singing their praises, providing tangible examples of how they were your saving grace during this and last school year. 

We’re here to share the good news about NCC’s upcoming UnConference. Awardees will be announced November 10. Register here


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