Back in November we wrote about a group of parents who started a GoFundMe to hop on a bus to Atlanta to talk to Elizabeth Warren about her education plan. They call themselves the “Powerful Parent Network.” And, well damn they are pretty powerful. 

They were so successful getting to Elizabeth Warren last month that today they launched another GoFundMe to raise $25,000 from individual donors so they can meet with the other Democratic candidates. 

With their last GoFundMe, they raised $21,888 of their 25k goal in just a few days. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re hyper suspicious of GoFundMe fundraisers—how will you know folks are spending the money in the way they say they will?! Where is the accountability? For this very reason I rarely donate. 

Welp, any doubts I had were cleared up when the Powerful Parent Network made national news coverage for busting up Elizabeth Warren’s rally in Atlanta. 

They literally did what they said they were going to do. Hundreds of parents got up in the middle of her speech and demanded to be heard. And after they were escorted from the rally, Sen. Warren had no choice but to meet with them. I don’t know about you but that’s pretty powerful to me. 

They Are Coming for Every Presidential Candidate 

Despite an onslaught of attacks on these parents, they’re gearing up to do it again. Except this time they are coming for every. single. presidential. candidate.  

With this GoFundMe, they’re seeking to raise money to follow candidates on the campaign trail. Dianechia Fields, Powerful Parent Network member and organizer of this fundraiser, wrote on the campaign’s page: 

The energy from all of the parents was so amazing that we’ve decided that we can’t stop and won’t stop until we’ve reached every presidential candidate! We need to discuss their education plans, what education looks like where we live and to give them a real authentic point of view of parents and students trapped into the current failing system. They need to hear from the parents and grandparents in the cities their campaign trails do not lead them. #WhatAboutUs

If you’re interested in learning more about the Powerful Parent Network you can check out member Sarah Carpenter on the 8 Black Hands podcast. She shares her story as a grandmother to 15 and the behind the scenes on how a coalition of parents throughout the country organized and ultimately got a meeting with Sen. Warren.

View the GoFundMe below and consider contributing to support the work of these powerful parents and warriors for educational justice. 


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