The Washington, D.C., government is not revoking the licenses of teachers who admit sexual misconduct with kids, nor are D.C. education officials submitting the names of those teachers to a national database used by all 50 states to prevent predators from returning to the classroom.

The failure of the D.C. government stands in stark contrast to the rules and regulations of other U.S. states, including Virginia and Maryland, which decades ago established systems to revoke the licenses of teachers who admit sexually abusing students.

A News4 I-Team investigation reveals several D.C. teachers who recently admitted sex crimes with children are not listed in the national NASDTEC database, which includes the names of 78,000 teachers nationwide, many of whom have admitted misconduct with children. The NASDTEC database red flags teachers throughout the nation and disqualifies them from obtaining licenses in the future.

D.C.’s failure to formally revoke the licenses of teachers who admits sex misconduct increases the odds of those teachers slipping through the cracks and finding work in public schools elsewhere in the nation, according to multiple experts and education officials who spoke with the News4 I-Team.

Read the whole story at News 4 I-TEAM.



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