“You can’t count on a black quarterback.” – Texas Superintendent Says Blatantly Racist Comments Were Not Racist
September 21, 2018

Lynn Redden is the superintendent of Onalaska ISD, a school district outside of Houston with over 1,000 students.

He’s also a bigot.

Following a Houston Texans loss to the Tennessee Titans, the educator commented “That may have been the most inept quarterback decision i’ve seen in the NFL. When you need precision decision making you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

Redden was so infuriated by the play of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson that he felt compelled to share his view on the inferiority of Black QB’s and intelligence

Apparently, the superintendent “thought he was posting a private message” and quickly deleted the comment after realizing it was public.

While some headlines have claimed he has “apologized” for the racist rhetoric, it seems more like he regrets getting caught. He went on to double down on the statement in later comments, saying “Over the history of the NFL, they (Black quarterbacks) have had limited success.” and noting that he didn’t intend to come across as racist.

If this all wasn’t bad enough, it has come out that Redden is his district’s civil rights coordinator, meaning he is assigned to monitor the district’s compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, race and religion.

Onalaska ISD, has no outstanding civil rights complaints with the Department of Education, but i’m sure he takes those issues very seriously.

“That’s on him, may peace be with him”, watch Texans QB Deshaun Watson’s classy response below.

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