The US Department of Education’s overburdened Office of Civil Rights must be sweating as they face leadership changes in both their department and in the White House. Especially when that new leadership will come from Donald Trump’s pool of people… Continue Reading


If you want to kill a good idea just set impossible conditions for its success and it will die trying to meet them. That’s the apparent strategy behind the resolution adopted by the National Association of Colored People this fall calling… Continue Reading

Field Notes

Teachers must be prepared for black classrooms: We have far too many teacher preparation programs that don’t even teach cultural competency yet feel it is ok to send young naïve students to our poorest and most underachieving schools. And make no mistake, these schools almost always happen to be full of African American students who they have never taught before. Do these preparation programs even worry about implicit bias? – David McGuire, Indy Education

German child have a right Americans should have: In 2013, Germany declared that every child over the age of one has the legal right to a space in a public daycare facility. This past fall, while America’s election unfolded, Germany’s highest court took this mandate one step further: It ruled that parents may sue for lost wages if they can’t find a place for their child in a public daycare center.” – Caitlyn Collins, The Atlantic

Wait and see isn’t a good strategy with Trump: “The president-elect of the United States has stated his desire to deport the relatives of many of my students. In the post-election period, his supporters have suggested, because of their religion, registering many of my students in a national database. Before the election, the president-elect said that half of my students deserve to have their bodies violated, if it suits a powerful man’s whim. During a debate, the president-elect said to a quarter of my students, that the path to racial reconciliation in America was through “stop & frisk” and more aggressive law enforcement in black communities. This is opposite of progress.” – Nate Bowling, TEM

‘School choice’ must respect us: “Don’t count our parents as commodities only here to help with your school’s bottom line and then clutch your purses and wallets when their sons and daughters pass you on the street. Don’t canvass our neighborhoods encouraging us to visit your school with the promise of child-care and snacks and then not hire our family members in said school when you have openings. Don’t come up with creative tag lines and messaging to “educate” us on why your school should be the school they “invest” in with their scholarship dollars, but not be willing to understand why students may come to school without sharpened pencils or show up sleepy because they were evicted last night or God forbid, their single parent didn’t have time to do laundry last night and so their uniforms are dirty.” Trey Donte’ Prestwood, D.C. K12

Teachers union ‘shoots itself in the foot’: “I’ve written often before that public schools in this country are at a crossroads.  Their future is very much in doubt, as pressure builds for parental choice.  One of the reasons for the appeal of the parental choice movement is the belief that teachers’ unions have far too much power under the existing system.  So when news of what happened in Chicago breaks, it strengthens the case for dismantling traditional public schools.” – Walt Gardner, Ed Week