The #SeekingCommonGround mindset is not just about our monthlong series of virtual town halls featuring a diverse set of education leaders across the ideological spectrum. It’s about building a groundswell of support across the nation for an education system that works for every student. 

We need your help to do that. If you missed the first town hall on Wednesday, we’re here to catch you up. Watch and share the video below with your friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors. (Or watch over at our Facebook page.)

Good Faith and Nuance 

From a nuanced discussion of the ongoing national fights over critical race theory (CRT) to the deceptively simple question of “What should our kids be learning in the classroom?” our panelists brought well-rounded perspectives and helpful solutions. 

Dan Weisberg, CEO of TNTP, explained his organization’s mindset when trying to build a new teaching workforce. 

“How do we provide our kids with diverse talent?” he said. “What are we asking students to do across the country? Does it connect to their aspirations, their families’ aspirations, their communities’ aspirations?”

Minneapolis Board of Education Director and brightbeam activist Adriana Cerrillo said her heritage gives her work meaning. 

“I honor and thank my ancestors for giving me the spirit of a fighter,” she said, which is the fuel she uses to fight for communities of color now. “Our school system is breaking down our babies,” and she won’t allow it to stand.

Educators like Christine Sampson-Clark are part of the solution. Sampson-Clark, a teacher in New Jersey and top surrogate for National Education Association President Becky Pringle, walked viewers through the trial-and-error process she and her colleagues had to go through to make virtual schooling work for their students. 

Alicia Dixon of the Marcus Foster Education Institute built on Sampson-Clark’s explanation of what it means to look for a way to reach every kid. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the conversation. It’s essential we do this for the nation’s kids, and the nation’s soul. After all, as Cerrillo put it during the town hall, “In order for our nation to come to a true reconciliation, people need to know the truth.”

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