The hosts of “Talk Dat Real Sh*t” are proud of many things, including their LGBTQ+ identities. For their final show of June, Tanesha, Jason, and Neo got real about what it means to stick up for kids who identify as LGBTQ+. . 

Watch below for the whole episode:

Being Black and LGBTQ+

“Race matters in everything.” 

“On top of the LGBT+ movement, we also know that race still matters.” Just because you join the LQBTQ+ movement doesn’t mean race becomes irrelevant, Jason highlighted in the conversation.

Every part of one’s identity matters. 

Neo pointed out how intersectionality is difficult when you’re already in another underserved community. 

“They want you to carry that burden. Do you know how hard it is being Black?” he said

“We have to provide space for how our culture and people are evolving and support that,” Tanesha commented

“It comes down to loving yourself and healing and really rejecting the prejudices that exist in this country and in our community”

Tanesha followed up with this sentiment: “There’s a lot of unlearning to do and a lot of loving on ourselves to do so that we can live happily in our lives. … Black people deserve to love.” 

To Those Who Are Holding Back LGBTQ+ Youth…

Tanesha didn’t pull her punches when taking on church leaders who attack the LGBTQ+ community. 

“You are a hypocrite to God’s love,” she said. They are “religious hypocrites and false prophets,” she said. 

Jason noted that it’s not only the leaders who need to change their ways.

Sharing his own heartbreaking story of abuse in the church as a young person, he said change has to be about more than just pushing out a few bad actors. “It’s never the person in the forefront, it’s the people that are supporting them that are allowing this to keep happening,” he said. This means people in the pews, too. And those donating to the churches. 

We’re Here For LGBTQ+ Youth

The LGBTQ+ young people in this country deserve to know there are people publicly standing up for them. In Tanesha’s words, “Remember, you are loved.”

Those who say we want to be there for LGBTQ+ youth also must heed Tanesha’s words: “Let’s do better.” 

The show was packed with powerful moments. Tune into the rest here. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow our channel on YouTube so you never miss another TDRS or any of our other broadcasts. 


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