Don’t you just love to see when ya grandma shows out? When she puts on her “Sunday best”, throw down in the kitchen and gives you the best advice—sometimes happening all in the same day.

One of the latest grandmas to show out is Tywanna Williams. At a graceful 65 years old, Williams graduated from South Philadelphia High School’s Educational Options Program. And get this, she didn’t just graduate. She just graduated at the top of her class. Mama valedictorian better come through!

Describing the feeling, Williams told 6ABC, “It’s amazing. It’s very indescribable. I’m so excited and happy that I’m doing this.” 

While we get our strength from the mamas that come before us, the feeling is truly mutual. Williams shared her strength for pursuing her degree came from her family. “Going to all of my grandkid’s graduations from high school, seeing my daughter graduate,” served as an inspiration point.

Having Philadelphia School District’s Educational Options Program gives mamas like Williams, who never finished a high school, a chance to go back and turn the clock on time.

We see you Mama Tywanna Williams and celebrate you and all your achievements.


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