Critical race theory (CRT) is seemingly everywhere these days, sneaking into each and every one of your children’s school lessons to indoctrinate them into a new world order that’s secretly racist against white people—or something like that. That’s what Fox News would have you believe, at least.

Brightbeam CEO, Chris Stewart, appeared on The Young Turks’ “The Conversation” with Adrienne Lawrence to discuss CRT—and how the recent pushback against it is, well, bullshit

“Critical race theory—there’s not an explosion of it. In fact, the opposite is true,” Stewart said. “Many people of color worry that our history—our real history—is being whitewashed in public schools.”

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In Stewart’s words, “CRT is the framework for rooting racism out and it’s under attack.” Watch the rest of Stewart’s appearance with Lawrence here, and remember: a movement for Black minds begins with us.


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