Zakiya spoke with Dr. Arash Daneshzadeh. Dr. Daneshzadeh’s doctoral research at UC Davis involved an ethnographic study of Black girls participating in Restorative Justice programs at a local alternative school in San Francisco, which focuses on navigational capital among Black girls (who are often forgotten and invisibilized by the education system). Since 2017, Arash facilitated programs for Story For All, a local nonprofit that coaches educational practitioners on culturally responsive teaching and art-infused oral history methodology. He is a founding team member of a public school in Arizona called Phoenix International Academy whose pedagogical model is grounded on project based learning and restorative practices. Currently, Dr. Daneshzadeh serves as Editor-In-Chief of The Journal of Transformative Justice.

Zakiya Sankara-Jabar is the former National Director of Activism at brightbeam, the parent organization of Citizen Ed. She is the co-founder of Racial Justice NOW! and most recently served as the National Field Organizer at Dignity in Schools Campaign. Zakiya came to organizing, advocacy, and policy work organically as a parent pushing back on harmful school discipline policies that disproportionately impact Black students and their families. Zakiya's organizing and advocacy acumen has led to significant policy changes at the local and state level in the state of Ohio. Since then, Zakiya has worked in communities all across the country sharing tools, strategies, and skills with Black parents to shift education policy and practice. Zakiya has been named to the inaugural #Power50 leadership fellowship for women of color with Community Change and the Community Activist Fellowship with Wayfinder Foundation. Zakiya is a preeminent thought leader in racial and education justice and has received numerous awards. In her free time, Zakiya enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two children.


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