When 15 million students in this country can’t even get online to access their distance learning materials, something needs to change. Welcome to “Access Denied,” where host Dirk Tillotson covers the movement to provide internet access to all students regardless of family income. 

In episode 3, Dirk welcomed Oakland school board member Jumoke Hinton Hodge and The Oakland REACH’s Lakisha Young to discuss how we overcome a history of disparities and what we can do to truly fix the digital divide in Oakland—and beyond.

As Dirk says, it’s not rocket science to offer internet service to students who need it. Watch today’s episode to break down how we do it right, how we do it equitably, and how we do it swiftly enough to matter for the upcoming school year. 

You can listen to the podcast version of the show below:

Show Highlights

Your families’ needs deserve to be met. Let us know what your internet situation is like for your students’ distance learning. Don’t forget to sign the petition demanding the FCC provide internet for all. And we’ll see you back here for the next episode of “Access Denied.” 


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