So look. I’m pissed. The other night my 7-year-old son asked me, “What were all those people doing on TV?” I was watching CNN and they were showing some coverage from the protest. I explained to him what was going on. I had to go into why the police officers killed George Floyd. I then had to explain to my 7-year old that unfortunately there will be people that won’t like him because he is black. 

Watching my kids face, full of confusion and sadness pissed me off! I HATE that I had to have that conversation with him…a 7-year-old. And I hate that unfortunately, it won’t be the last conversation I will have with him. Black mothers are tired of these conversations. After that conversation, he told me he was sad for George Floyd and that he wished the police wouldn’t kill. I then had to explain that all police aren’t bad, but some of them are. 

Later that night, I went into his room and saw the photo of a boy crying with “I’m sad George Floyd”. That broke me. Our babies can’t be babies…they are carrying weight as well. Protect them. But keep them educated. Raising a black boy brings me so much joy and anxiety at the same time. I love that kid and will catch a charge behind him.✊🏽 My job is to protect him, educate him, and prepare him for what’s to come.

With that said I will continue to find resources, amplify black voices and stories, celebrate us and fight! We have no choice.


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