Even though homeschooling has long been on the rise in the black community, the false narrative persists that homeschoolers are some sort of white monolith of religious extremists from rural communities. That caricature of homeschoolers is not only wrong but it erases the increasing number of black families, many from urban communities, who have made the choice to homeschool their children. 

Chris and Aziza Butler are the parents of four children —a girl and three boys—and live in Chicago. Monica Utsey is the mom of two boys in Washington DC. All three parents participated in our Project Forever Free FB Live conversation about ‘Homeschooling in the Black Community’ and talked about what drove them to choose homeschooling for their families and what that actually looks like for them. It was an eye-opening conversation that helped to chip away at the myths surrounding homeschooling and also explain how their own experiences in the public school system informed their decision for their children. The video of the conversation is below—we hope you’ll watch and share with others who would like to learn more about homeschooling in the black community.


This article was first posted on projectforeverfree.org


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