In education, the issue I think about daily, partisans are turning one of the most important issues for children and families into a bloodsport like other hot-button issues. That’s driven in large part by media and “journalists” who cover education as if it is a battle between waring philanthropists, and that all down-ballot education policies can be seen as the product of big-money political influence – mostly from the right who want to “destroy” traditional education.

Which brings me to the thread I wrote on Twitter recently. You can see it below.

My point is to say we need intellectual consistency and journalistic integrity when it comes to covering “dark money” in education politics. And, to that end, we have to call out progressive media nonprofits that place carefully considered think pieces in mainstream media without it ever being disclosed that their handiwork comes from the Left’s 1%.

You have to see the irony in that the people who popularize the idea of the 1% versus the 99% are indeed a product of the 1% they rail against.

If we care about truth, honesty, and fair public debate, then we’ll call out the money behind all sides – including the money behind the “journalists” on the left who owe their paychecks to philanthropy.

Here’s the thread:

An earlier version of this post ran as ‘THREAD: If ‘dark money’ is a problem, call it out on all sides’ on

Chris Stewart is the Chief Executive Officer of Education Post, a media project of the Results in Education Foundation. He is a lifelong activist and 20-year supporter of nonprofit and education-related causes. Stewart has served as the director of outreach and external affairs for Education Post, the executive director of the African American Leadership Forum (AALF), and an elected member of the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education.


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