Have you ever wanted to do something that mattered? Have you ever wanted to make a difference truly? Have you ever thought that you could do something that takes everything out of you, but you want to continue to do it? If these are questions that you have asked yourself, then you should teach. Teachers are part of the lifeblood of our society. Teaching is hard. Teaching is tough. Teaching will take everything out of you and at times will seem pointless, but that is the beauty of it. It is those days that it is tough. It is those days when it is hard. They say life truly begins when you step outside your comfort zone. If you want to start living, I suggest you start teaching.

The work we do as teachers is important. It is gravely important. The work of teachers is so much deeper than reading, writing, and math. It is much bigger. Education is a way out. Educators are the gatekeepers to our children’s future. Our job is to ensure that our children get through the gate to their future, but they get there prepared. There are a lot of children in schools coming from difficult backgrounds. They do not have much guidance. The number of children in need outnumbers the number of teachers. We need you! They need you! We cannot allow them to use their circumstance as an excuse.

Teaching is a movement. This is Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” with a mix of Malcolm X’s “By Any Means Necessary.” Teachers dream big about what the children of our society can accomplish, and they are willing to get them no matter what. We need teachers who see this more than what happens between the walls of the school. You have to be willing to impact families, neighborhoods, and communities. You have to see yourself as a radical. Our children need the radical. The forces against them are coming hard, and they have to be prepared to handle it. I am calling on you. Those of you who sit in college classes and wonder if there more to who you are. Is there more to what I can do. There is and you can. Teaching.

Being a teacher is an extremely important career to have. Teachers are a vital facet of our society. The role of a teacher is a highly valuable role in society. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Society’s most important people, the youth, are educated by teachers. Teachers help them discover who they are so they can become the leaders of the next generation.
  • Teachers are the individuals who are imparting knowledge to children during the most important time of their development. Teachers ensure the knowledge these children receive will aid in their overall development as people and productive citizens in our society.
  • The skills children learn from their teachers during their youth will stay with them well until they are adults. Teachers plant seeds in children that will eventually blossom and grow to nurture our society.

We need you. Our children need you. Join the movement, and let’s change the world together.


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