When the President of the United States rudely attacks and attempts to belittle three tenured White House correspondents, who happen to all be Black Women, then we have a problem. He lashed out at two of the women for asking professional and reputable questions. He disrespectfully called a question by Abby Phillip, the CNN White House correspondent, stupid. At the same question and answer session, he brought up a long time and respected White House correspondent April Ryan and called her a loser. If that wasn’t bad enough, out of pure immaturity and lack of professionalism, he told PBS NEWS White House correspondent, Yamiche Alcindor that her question about emboldened White Nationalists was ‘racist’. His tone, words, and body language were all an act of verbal assault. If we allow any man to talk to any woman in that manner, then I know we obviously have a problem. This is a problem that needs fixing really fast, and an attitude adjustment should be in the works. I owe everything to the Black Woman, and her protection is at the forefront of what I believe I must do in life. Black women are the most important women in my life; they are my wife, my mother, and my daughter. Their well being isn’t something I take for granted.

Recently, there has been back and forth about whether the President is outwardly and strategically targeting black women. Does he have a reckless or uncaring attitude towards these women of color? My opinion is it doesn’t matter what he feels; we, the people, see his disrespect and quite frankly are done with his foul-mouthed negative existence. Keep Black women out of your mouth, Donald. That’s not a road you want to travel and as a citizen of these United States, I command you to tread lightly in these territories for your sake and mine. You work for the people, nothing more and nothing less.

What these acts of outward disrespect conjure up are bold and senseless acts by Donald’s base and his political allies. Over in Mississippi, the most disrespectful cases of stand by your man has reared its nasty head. Seating Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith from Mississippi recently uttered these foolish words while addressing supporter Colin Hutchinson, a cattle rancher after he introduced her, “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.”  Wow. A statement so becoming of a United States Senator. How does one expect me to be respectful to an office when this appointed politician and seated Republican representative, currently in a runoff election, is comfortable with using language like this?

The fact of the matter is what Donald does and what his cronies follow isn’t at all surprising to me. What is reprehensible is that folks who claim to be good people of morals, values, and character are voting for these people. The same individuals who voted for Donald, are in support Cindy Hyde-Smith’s true beliefs, and who encourage policies that are detrimental to humanity are in close proximity to you. Look around. They are your neighbors, coworkers, church members, and fellow countrymen.

So yes, in conclusion, no political office deserves respect. Human beings deserve respect. Good people deserve respect. Good people who have earned it. Putting a political office, even the one of United States President above its citizens is inhumane. It is a disrespectful act that ruins our democracy and quite frankly it’s unpatriotic.


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