Today, instead of being bored with the business of maintaining solid social, economic, cultural and humanitarian efforts across the globe, the United Nations General Assembly was treated to a comedy show starring Mango Mussolini himself, Donald J. Trump.

Although he arrived half an hour late to his set, the orange-dyed dictator landed some solid laughs right out of the gate. With a straight face and steely reserve, he dug into his favorite bag of one-liners to deliver this gem: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” A wave of giggles began to take over the audience, interrupting the statement and almost derailing the despot. But, salmon-colored Satan knows how to work his audience. In the next breath, he went in for the kill by stating: “So true.” The crowd lost it.

Never before, in the history of the UNGA, has a world leader been laughed at so heartily. This is definitely one for the record and history books. To top it all off, the idiot-in-chief showed a fleeting moment of chagrin when he said “didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s ok,” to which the crowd applauded and laughed harder.

Unfortunately, that was the peak of his performance. As the rest of his set labored on, he bragged on his bromance with crazed dictator Kim Jong Un, rambled through complaints about the United States being treated unfairly in trade agreements, and threw jabs at China, the Assad regime, Iran, and Germany. The Germans, however, took it in stride, offering up more laughter and shared whispers among themselves which seemed to say “This guy is hilarious!” Even still, Trump was visibly out of his depth at the podium.

This was not the audience full of MAGA hats and “Lock Her Up” chants he’s grown so accustomed to for the past three years. On this stage, he is among political peers and intellectual giants. The clementine clown act just doesn’t cut it at the UN.

True to form, there is always, always, ALWAYS A TWEET that makes a Trump situation ironic as hell. I rarely agree with the statements of Donald Trump, but on this 25th day of September in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen, I find myself of one accord with a tweet his assistant he made long before he became the HNIC (Head Nectarine In Charge). It stated: “We need a President who isn’t a laughing stock to the entire World. We need a truly great leader, a genius at strategy and winning. Respect!”

Indeed, we do, and I believe Donald Trump can actually be the one who will facilitate this occurrence, by including these two words into his next public speech: “I resign.”
(Bonus points if he adds: “and I’m taking Pence with me.”)

This post was written by Kellee Knighten Hough and originally ran on the K12 D.C. Education Blog. 

A culture critic who grew up in the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School system, Kellee is an ardent supporter of having an educated, well-rounded populace armed with facts and informed opinion. Having graduated with a BS in Biology (PreMedicine) from one of the top five HBCUs in the country, she is committed to encouraging Black youth to embrace the culture and opportunities held within the halls of HBCUs. In addition to writing and performing arts, she has also worked within school systems in the Northeast, focusing on classrooms containing at-risk youth. You can find her online at @bellekurve or


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