Let me say this from the start – I absolutely do not support, condone, nor accept any type of action that remotely looks like or can be called rape. However, with that being said, I can’t really get too riled up about Brett Kavanaugh being accused as a rapist. Why? Because, if you were around in the early 1990’s, you know that we’ve seen this show before with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Similar issue, same sought-position, and most likely, same result.

I think because I am a woman and a mother, I am supposed to care more, but for some reason, I don’t. Partly because I think it’s more political than anything. I try to align myself with issues that will create systemic change for the benefit of marginalized communities – not stories whose timing of promotion have been tied to being supplanted by the opposition.

Hear me clearly – right now, it’s one side against the other. The priorities in my life and what matters most to me right now don’t show up in this issue. Here’s what I face – every day Black people, boys (of which I have two) in particular, are in danger. They are part of education systems that aren’t all set up to teach them. They end each day with a sigh of relief that they made it through safely. We face being turned down for jobs, homes, promotions, every single day. It’s exhausting.

Being Black in America today means you have a lot more to deal with than others and sometimes, we…well, I, have just enough energy to deal with that. Which means, I don’t have the desire to engross myself in an issue that I believe, will ultimately result in Kavanaugh being approved and the country will have a new Supreme Court Justice.

I believe I would do better conserving my energy for when I need to fight at the federal level for the freedom of our communities.


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