Charter schools and public education have been the focus of increased national attention lately and I’m proud that Tennessee is often held up as a model of how charter public schools can work for families.
Our charter schools provide high quality public school options to Tennessee families while operating with strict accountability and transparency standards. I’m proud of the work that our state has done to become a model for how public education can serve students, and in particular, students of color.

As a longtime Memphian, pastor and resident in the Whitehaven community, I was taken back by the NAACP’s national board as they adopted a moratorium on new charter public schools last October. To the NAACP’s credit, they are now embarking on a series of town halls to talk about education and charter schools, and they will be in Memphis this week.

I’m hoping this opportunity will be the start of a real dialogue with the NAACP to find common ground and discover ways we can work together to make sure that all public schools are working for our students.

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