Activists and Advocates Build a Shared Vision for Our Public Schools

Recognizing it was time to put aside our differences, connect education policy and advocacy experts directly with grassroots child justice activists and seek common ground in working toward a public education system that serves all families equally well and helps every student reach their full potential, brightbeam hosted a series of #SeekingCommonGround virtual town halls throughout October.

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After Sustained School Interruptions, What Should Our Kids Be Learning? WATCH our discussion on how we find agreement on what we want taught in our schools in the midst of a pandemic and ongoing debates over how to teach our nation’s complicated history.

Town Hall #1 video links (Click to watch on each platform)

Building Mutual Accountability Between School Systems and Families: How do we accurately define what accountability in schools looks like and how do we set up fair accountability systems for schools, as well as students, families and communities? Help us find common ground. 

Town Hall #3 video links (Click to watch on each platform)

Disarming the Double-Edged Sword of Data: It’s more important than ever that we are accurately and meaningfully measuring our student’s progress. But first we must come together to disarm the often hostile conversations around data in education. Join the conversation.

Town Hall #2 video links (Click to watch on each platform)

Supporting the Whole Child in a Post-Pandemic World: It’s critical that we are supporting our students’ social and emotional needs and continuing to find ways to support the whole child. Join this necessary conversation on student’s mental health and the role of schools in addressing a child’s emotional needs following a global pandemic.

Town Hall #4 video links (Click to watch on each platform)

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Previous Town Hall Series

Seeking Child Justice: Education for Liberation Beyond the Pandemic

Throughout the summer of 2020, brightbeam held a series of virtual town halls on the theme of Seeking Child Justice, moderated by director of activism Zakiya Sankara-Jabar. Check out these town halls below, which touched on the wide range of social determinants of health that affect a child’s life, and sought to build coalition among groups across different sectors.