Parents in Los Angeles are fed up—and nobody fixes problems quite like fed-up parents. One such group of frustrated families have formed the organization Worth More LA to challenge the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) distance learning program in court. 

“Even during a pandemic, L.A.’s students still deserve an education,” they say. “It’s time to tell LAUSD that our children are worth more.” 

On September 24, Worth More LA held a press conference announcing these families’ lawsuit against LAUSD. 

Taking the microphone at an afternoon press conference, parents, clergy members and pro bono legal professionals described classes that consist of handing in homework and logging off, school days that end before 10 a.m. and more. They know their kids need interventions. They want the classes and learning materials the California constitution guarantees to students, COVID-19 or no COVID-19. 

The Stakes

Parents know when their kids are getting what they need at school. They know when they aren’t. For too many families—especially Black and Latinx families in this district—they know things aren’t up to par during this pandemic. Their kids deserve better.

“Last spring, Black and Latino students were 20% less likely to be engaged online,” Worth More LA said in a press release. 

“English learners and students with disabilities were left out and disengaged. ​​Despite acknowledging its failure to engage these students and with full knowledge of the deep inequities that preceded the pandemic, LAUSD is providing a one size fits all schedule and program, rather than providing equitable opportunities to the students who have always received the least from the system.” 

Highlights From The Press Conference

Get Involved

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to learn more about what Worth More LA has coming up, follow them on Twitter and on Facebook. Head to their website to follow their case and learn more about how to influence your own communities’ distance learning curricula.


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