If you are Black, like me, you are probably getting tired of all of these diversity statements. You probably have seen a statement that even offended you because of your experiences or experiences of Black people you know with the organization that released the statement. But even considering the hypocrisy of corporations, some of the worst statements I’ve seen were written by school leaders. 

I’m sure you’ve seen them too. Statements like, “We are inclusive” or “We have a diverse staff.” Really? School leaders with Black students couldn’t find the courage to write the word “Black” in their statement. The focus is on Black Lives Matter. Period. 

Some didn’t even acknowledge what is happening in our country. Others included the word “peaceful” in front of the word protest. Clearly, these leaders don’t understand the history of protests in America or the purpose of protest infiltrators. The worst offense is the misuse of Dr. King. Day after day Dr. King’s children have to come out and speak about the misuse of his quotes and the misunderstanding of his speeches and actions. Honestly, quoting Dr. King shows the school leader doesn’t really know any other Black leaders to quote.

Although, I have seen some strong statements like the one from my twin sons’ principal. I want more. The reason I could support Mrs. Parquet, my sons’ principal, is because I have seen her work in action. It is the reason why my sons still attend school in Washington Township, a district on the north side of Indy, even though I have been highly critical and publicly critical of the district.

When I say, I don’t give a damn about these statements. I really mean that. I have had too many experiences that have proven to me that those statements are only words. No real change has happened in most of these schools. It’s a real shame because we are the place of learning and if educators can’t or won’t push back on the racism in their schools, how will society change? Most people are not homeschooled. They go to a school building to learn. Most of these schools uphold the white supremacy in our society. Until we change our schools, I don’t see how society will change.


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