Parents around the country are no doubt stressing out about the spread of COVID-19 a.k.a “Coronavirus” as everything from sporting events and concerts to colleges and universities begin to shut down. Although young children appear to be far less likely to become infected with the virus, that does little to soothe the mind of nervous parents.

With the spread of coronavirus comes uncharted territory for schools and parents in trying to take all the necessary precautions. In Memphis, parents are on edge after a Shelby County Schools employee was placed in a “cautionary quarantine” following contact with the first patient infected with COVID-19 in Memphis.

Watch the video below to see how parents are taking things into their own hands, doing everything from wiping down backpacks to spraying their kids with disinfectant outside of school.

Josh Stewart considers himself a global citizen first and foremost and is passionate about cultural exchange. He has a B.s. in Political Science and Hispanic Studies from St. John's University in Minnesota and experience as both an ESL and social studies teacher in Korea and the Philippines. He currently works a digital content Manager for Citizen Education and Education Post and enjoys both traditional and creative methods crafting messages around the desperate need to improve our education system and provide quality options to the most marginalized students and families.


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