Teachers and students are getting ready to wrap up the remainder of the school year. Before the school year wraps up, we need to stop and thank our teachers. Teacher Appreciation Week happens at a perfect time. The end of the year can be intense, but if a teacher hears how much he or she has made a difference that could be the extra push needed to get to the end of the school year. If you don’t know how to show the love, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Volunteer.

If you thought all teachers did at the end of the year was way goodbye as the school buses exit the parking lot, you are wrong. There are many tasks teachers must complete to wrap up the school year.  That’s where you can help. You can take down bulletin boards, help organize and pack up materials, or stuff folders with all the end of the year materials. Any help offered would be well received.

  1. Write a thank you.

Some of the notes are faded, but I still have them. One of the gifts I cherish most is a thank you note. I still prefer handwritten ones, but emails are great too. I received emails from two former students who are both seniors this school year, and those emails meant the world to me. Teachers many times don’t know the impact they made unless you tell them.

  1. Record a video update.

Seeing students years from now is great. Record of video of yourself to tell how much you appreciate your former teachers. I have former students who are married, have kids, and a job. I love seeing their progress and knowing I played a part.

  1. Make a gift.

A drawing, a coaster, a decorated pencil are all gifts I have received from students. I love a good cup of tea, but I don’t love ruining my table. I use that coaster a lot. It is not about how it looks; it is the thought that counts. Some teachers feel like an afterthought. Make a teacher a gift to let them know they were an important thought today.

  1. Buy a gift.

A gift card, classroom supplies, candy are all gifts teachers appreciate. There is nothing like receiving a bag of chocolate (and if you are buying chocolate for me, make it dark chocolate) in your mailbox at the start of the day. Once again, it isn’t about the amount you spent, it is about your intention.

Thank a teacher. Show your appreciation. Teachers help equip our world with our future leaders. The least we can do is show our appreciation.


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