Howard University is arguably the most storied historically black university. The school is known for its historical significance, it’s academic accomplishments and importance among black elites.  But there are some Washington D.C. locals who recognize it more as a dog park and the students aren’t going for it.

In recent years non-students and residents have been walking their dogs on the historically black college campus. Students have begun to raise concerns about the trend, complaining that the pet owners allow their dogs to roam free in the yard and allow them to urinate and defecate on important cultural markers like fraternity trees.

In response to those concerns, one community member suggested that if Howard University didn’t like the practice that they should “move the campus”. A suggestion which quickly got him turned into the newest online meme.

The controversy prompted a response from Howard’s President, Wayne A.I. Frederick:

“We recognize that service animals are a necessary aspect of modern-day life and we will accommodate them as needed,” he wrote in a letter to students and staff. “We appreciate pet owners respecting our campus by not bringing pets onto the private areas.”

Many people have highlighted the racial and class undertones of the controversy as gentrification is quickly changing the landscape of Washington D.C.’s historically minority areas.

Read Wayne A.I. Fredericks full letter here.


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