He Was the Only Student to Walk Out of His School, But Millions are With Him
March 14, 2018


“Hello Twitter, there’s going to be like six people watching this, hopefully”

Justin Blackman took video of himself as he walked around outside his school building, alone.

His video is now sitting at close to 2.5 million views.

Although there were massive student walkouts and protests all around the country today for #ENOUGH National School Walkout, Blackman, age 16, found himself to be the lone protester at his Goldsboro, North Carolina school.

“I’m just gonna be chilling here for the next 15 minutes” he says in the video, undeterred by the lack of his peers.

The social media response was rapid and heartfelt, with thousands of people sharing their support and respect for Justin’s act in solidarity with those students around the country protesting inaction on gun violence in our schools.

Check out some of the support he received on twitter:


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  1. Good for you. You are valiant!
    Much respect from Boston, MA. ❤


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