The Famuan: Yes, the name of the course is White Racism. Would you enroll?
February 4, 2018

Prejudice and injustice in the Trump era can be a fragile subject. Make it the focus of an upper-level sociology course at one of Florida’s public universities, and you’ve all but lit a powder keg.

Ted Thornhill, a human science instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, is teaching a course this spring called “White Racism.”

As per the course description, it looks at “the supremacist belief systems, laws, approaches, and hones that have worked for many years to keep up white racial mastery over those profiled as non-white” and expects to “cross-examine the idea of race” on the loose.

According to Thornhill, thousands of rude and cruel comments have flooded his social media accounts, emails, and voicemails. Thornhill, who is African-American, told nearby news outlets that “the course needs to be taught, and so that’s what’s going to happen.” He has been inundated with remarks and racial slurs.

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