My son was born in Ethiopia, and Mr. President, he is not from a “shithole”
January 12, 2018

My son is 10 years old and was not born in a shithole. He was born in Ethiopia. Like any parent, I could never find the words to describe the impact his life has brought to me. His friends have an automatic bond with him. He excels in school. He is kind. His community loves him. My wife and I are so blessed that he helped create our family. The love he has instilled in me is a feeling I never experienced before, and just thinking about him or having him enter a room energizes my heart.

It has been a challenge to be a parent in the age of Donald Trump. As our kids are tucked in bed, cable news reports almost nightly on his latest offensive comments, and we watch as swear words now become commonplace on news tickers. Some of us react by posting our disagreement or disgust on social media, and all of us hope our children are not listening.

Now, with reports that the president referred to various nations and the whole continent of Africa as a “shithole,” our challenge is in new, unimagined territory — and it is time, as parents, to demand that our country respond to his words.

For two years now all of our children have been witness to weekly reports in the news that simply have been unheard of for generations.

A sitting modern-day president has mocked the disabled and defended anti-Semitic white supremacists. He has referred to great women leaders in our country as “nasty,” “sneaky,” or “lightweight.” He has publicly marginalized ethnic groups, from American Indians to Hispanics to African Americans. He tried to get a credibly accused child molester elected to the Senate.

Read the whole story by Matthew Frankel at USA Today.




  1. Pardon me, but Mr. Trump did not refer to ‘various nations’ and the whole of Africa with the expletive you claim. He also says he never made that comment but did say two countries in particular: El Salvador, and Haiti, were very badly off. And they are, there is no denying it. I’m glad you love your son but what does that have to do with the country of Ethiopia? Do you still live there? If not, why not? I have not read your entire vitriolic article but it is very full of outright lies and smears propogated by those who hate him. He is not guilty of what you accuse him of and if you really listened to his unedited (by the MSM) remarks and speeches, and watched the videos (unedited again by the MSM) of his speeches, and looked at just who he has hired and promoted, you would see this. I encourage you to take off your blinders and see the truth. Mr. Trump isn’t perfect, neither are you, or me, or anyone else, but he is a far better man than you give him credit for.

    • He said it. It was wrong. People who support his white nationalist presidency will forgive anything he does, so you can’t be trusted.


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