Portland student finds “KKK wants you!” sticker in high school bathroom
September 28, 2017

Racists are recruiting in one Portland, Oregon, high school—and there’s even a sticker to prove it.

A Roosevelt High School student reported seeing a sticker of a white-hooded Klansman with the text “the KKK wants you” in a school bathroom Tuesday.

Principal Filip Hristic vowed an investigation.

“This hateful image is appalling and offensive, and has no place at Roosevelt High School or at any other Portland Public School,” he said in a statement.

The school has interviewed the student who first reported the sticker. Officials are now reviewing video footage of people entering the bathroom.

A student told The Oregonian that the sticker was not an isolated incident of racism.

Bathroom vandalism has escalated in the past year with schools reporting swastikas, racial slurs and anti-immigrant comments.

Read the whole story at Newsweek.


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