About 40 students started high school as the inaugural ninth-grade class at the Horace Mann UCLA Community School last week.

Horace Mann, which originally taught only sixth to eight grade, added the ninth-grade class as part of a February agreement between the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and the Los Angeles Unified School District to work together to revitalize Horace Mann Middle School in South Los Angeles, said Christine Shen, director of the UCLA Community Schools Initiative.

This partnership follows other UCLA-supported enrichment programs, including the UCLA Summer Institute and an ethnic studies program taught by a UCLA grad student.

Karen Quartz, director of research and development for the UCLA Community Schools Initiative, said LAUSD approached UCLA with the proposal to reform the school following the success of the Robert F. Kennedy Community School in Koreatown, which formed from another partnership between UCLA and LAUSD. Since the partnership began, the average percentage of Kennedy community school students attending college has been consistently higher than the national average, Quartz said.

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