Grammy award winning artist Chancellor Johnathan Bennett A.K.A Chance the Rapper stopped by Wescott Elementary School in his hometown of Chicago earlier today to announce a $1 million dollar donation to Chicago Public Schools.

The press conference follows his meeting last week with Illinois’ governor, Bruce Rauner. Chance came away from that meeting less than pleased and noted that the governor gave him a series of vague responses to questions about public education funding. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Bennett announced he would continue to fight for the children of Chicago and would be making a major announcement about how he would do so.

That announcement came today as he handed over a giant 1,000,000 check to a group of ecstatic elementary students, drawing applause from the media, faculty and families in attendance. Chance also had another message for governor Rauner:

“Do your job.”

Watch the full press conference, streamed on periscope here:


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