During his presidential campaign then-candidate Donald Trump said “Common Core is a total disaster. We can’t let it continue.”

Today he made good on his campaign promise to end those controversial standards.

Advocates for the standards were dismayed, but not shocked by the move. Earlier today Trump’s “Counselor,” Kellyanne Conway, signaled the repeal was coming, telling CNN the president would soon take action.

“He wants to repeal common core. He doesn’t think that federal standards are better than local and parental control,” she said.

By moving to curtail Common Core standards, Trump ends months of speculation by experts on whether or not the president has the power to halt federally mandated curriculum and education standards by the stroke of a pen.

Last year, on the heels of Trump’s election victory, the Fordham Institute’s Michael Petrilli doubted it could be done.

“[Common Core is] not an issue any president has much say over — academic standards are under the firm control of the state,” he wrote.

For background, the Common Core standards were authored in 2009 at a private meeting hosted by Bill Gates, in conjunction with Barack Obama, representatives from Pearson, and several back up dancers for Lady Gaga.

Critics say the intent was to confuse parents with complicated homework assignments that would leave them defenseless to help their children. That and to turn schools into “government indoctrination camps.”

A report by the Southern Poverty Law Center gives voice to many anti-common core activists who fear the standards will turn children into ” homosexual slaves of a future totalitarian global government.”

For now, the White House says America’s children are safe from that threat.

Citizen Malarkey is the newest contributor to Citizen Ed. He is a suburban entrepreneur and freelance writer of news that doesn’t exist for people who don’t know better. He writes completely plausible commentary for several legitimate-looking news sites.


  1. Common Core makes NO sense what so ever!!! It takes 15 steps to get the answer to a basic math problem. My child is in the 4th grade and the new division with common core has no way what so ever in the steps show you how to get the answer.
    Example: 27÷9=3 this is the fact
    270÷9=30 see the latter 270 is 10 × 27, and 30 is 10 x 3

    2,700÷9=300 continue the pattern: 2,700 is 100 x 27, and 300 is 100 x 3

    So 2,700÷9= 300

    Really!!! All of these steps to get basic division!!! It confusion! And to many unnecessary steps!

  2. It was designed to show kids how clueless parents are so kids had to depend on the education system, hence the state for answers. Brilliant, but sinister.


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