After the initial launch of the Black Lives Matter concept to raise awareness of the systemic oppression and racism that was killing Black people through state sanctioned police brutality and extrajudicial murders, the movement expanded.

Black Lives Matter lost some potential allies when they expanded the platform to take a more holistic approach to resisting and informing communities-in particular, white people- about what was actually happening and the duplicity of the justice system in America.

There is a backlash against schools supporting the politicization of students. In Arizona and several other places, there are measures to restrict schools’ opportunities to teach and address social justice issues. The consequence could include slashing 10% of the district’s budget if they offer social justice courses.

Wow. How dare schools really provide a platform for educators to help students navigate the systemic oppression that has deep roots in the racist, misogynist mindsets of founding members of America. Politicians frequently call themselves as champions of “preparing engaged citizens”, so the hypocrisy of Arizona’s politicians is at least consistent. The younger generation may not know this, but this is the same state who didn’t want to embrace the Dr. Martin Luther King federal holiday.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, several schools continue to help students navigate the complexity of their feelings, help them to elevate their voices, and resist oppressive state sanctioned policies.

Read the rest of this post at Philly’s 7th Ward.


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