BROOKLYN, NY – When the parent of a second grader at PS 193 heard his son soiled his pants because a teacher prevented him from going to the restroom, the father went to the school and confronted the teacher.

That conversation ended with Vincent Nemorin, the father, in handcuffs and police officers hauling him away while horrified parents recorded the incident.

His son’s teacher said he felt threatened by Nemorin, but parents see a larger issue playing out. Tami Flynn, the school’s principal, is under fire for what parents claim is a pattern of abuse. A petition calling for Flynn’s resignation has gained over 650 signatures.

“There are too many stories of harassment and documented complaints.  She most recently had a parent arrested for demanding that his child have the right to go to the bathroom.  This is not the 1st parent arrest at the school,” the petition reads.

Nemorin, the school’s Parent Teacher Association treasurer, had the support of parents who were present last Thursday when he was arraigned on charges of “menacing” and “harassment.”

He also has an order of protection now that prevents him from bringing his son to school.

“[Nemorin] approached a teacher just to verify why she didn’t let him use the bathroom. He gets arrested for asking a simple question. It’s not her against him, it’s her against us. Could’ve happened to any of our kids,” Stacia Gregorio, a PS 193 parent told WABC TV.

The New York public schools have had a major push to improve parent involvement since schools boss Carmen Fariña announced it as a priority in 2014.

Responding to the issue with Nemorin at a community forum last week Fariña told parents “We have already removed the [staff member] from that building….and there is a continuing investigation.”

See what parents say about Nemorin’s arrest:



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