Tenicka Boyd: I can’t imagine a world where the NAACP would say ‘let’s pause’ on schools succeeding with black children

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Tenicka Boyd, a New York based education activist and long-standing member of the NAACP, testifies on behalf of families who are well-served by charter schools. This was the first of seven public hearings held by the NAACP to hear from stakeholders¬†about charter schools and “privatization” in public education. This hearing was done in Connecticut on December 3, 2016.

The “positivity project” spreads the power of appreciation

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There is nothing more powerful in the world than gratitude and positive mental attitude. Students at Oak Park High School in Kansas City recently were targets of the power when their teachers hatched a plan to deepen the teacher-student bond.

They¬†created the “Positivity Project,” a personal challenge to identify individual students who inspires them and makes them want to come to work. Armed with personal statements, these teachers found students in the halls and surprised them with kind words of appreciation.

It will set your heart on fire to see the reactions when teachers told these students why they were important and appreciated.

Chicago teacher gets creative about welcoming his 4th grade students back to school

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Dwayne Reed is entering his first year of teaching in the most special way. Instead of sending an email or newsletter home to parents he decided to record a song called “Welcome To The Fourth Grade,” and even made a video too. It’s a touching display of enthusiasm we all could learn from.

The video led one YouTube user to comment “where were the teachers like this 25 years ago.”

Mr. Reed’s response: “I was being born. ’91”

Everybody talks about student voice, but David Johns walks the talk

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When history assesses the Obama presidency one thing will eventually be unmistakable: he filled his administration with exceptional, but understated people. No one fits that description more than David Johns, the Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.

In this great video done by Loudspeaker films Johns talks about the motivation he gained as a first generation college graduate, kindergarten teacher, and advocate of elevating young people to be their own leaders. Having come from one of Los Angeles’ criminally under-resourced communities he knows what it means to beat the odds, and how important it is to have people believe in the potential and brilliance of our youth.