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Editor’s Note: This is the latest in an occasional series documenting where the American Federation of Teachers sends Karran Harper Royal.

New Orleans activist Karran Harper Royal is racking up the frequent flyer miles thanks to her friends at the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Over the past few months, Royal has criss-crossed the country to spread her myths and misinformation about the dangers of charter schools.

This past week, Royal was in Chicago to speak at Fighting the Flood: Disaster Capitalism and Black Reconstruction, a panel discussion on one of Royal’s favorite topics: disaster capitalism. At the event, Royal portrayed the takeover of schools after Hurricane Katrina as a grave injustice that has harmed the city’s black community and ominously warned audience members about the grave threat posed by charter schools in Chicago.

The event was hosted by the Grassroots Collaborative, an organizing network sponsored by none other than the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), one of AFT’s most militant locals. In fact, two days after Royal’s event, the Grassroots Collaborative honored CTU’s president, Karen Lewis, at an event marking the organization’s 15th anniversary.

Grassroots Collaborative honored CTU president Karen Lewis last week. Why? Because she's helping underwrite them!

Grassroots Collaborative honored CTU president Karen Lewis last week. Why? Because she’s helping underwrite them!

Where will AFT send Karran next? Only time will tell, but we’ll be keeping track of it here at Citizen Education!

Pete Cook

Pete became involved in education reform in New Orleans Public Schools as a 2002 Teach For America corps member and has worked in various capacities at Teach For America, KIPP, TNTP, and the Recovery School District. He now works as a consultant and writer working to ensure public schools meet the needs of low-income students. He lives in New Orleans.