Holding the Highest Political Office Doesn't Give You the Right to Disrespect Black Women

When the President of the United States rudely attacks and attempts to belittle three tenured White House
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The FBI Says Hate Crimes Are on the Rise, Law Enforcement is Part of the Problem

The FBI just released the bureau’s latest statistics on hate crimes in America, and the top line numbers increased
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Sarah Sanders and the White House Don’t Want You to Believe What Your Own Eyes Are Seeing

For all the talk of White House chaos stemming from Trump’s declining mental stability (whether said decline is from a

These Wisconsin High School Students Gave a Nazi Salute in Prom Photos

"We even got the black kid to throw it up" Boys from class of 2019 at Baraboo High School in Baraboo, Wisconsin

Twitter Tantrum: President Trump Claims Voter Fraud (Without Proof) in Ongoing Races

President Trump is not a happy camper. After losing the house and with large-scale protests popping up, It's been a

Another Day in America, Another Mass Shooting

This feeling, a combination of fear, sadness, and anger is one we’ve come to know far too well— and far too often.
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Midterms 2018: Historic Victories For Women Across the Board

In the aftermath of the 2018 midterms, a lot of people seem divided on what the results mean politically. Was the night
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Maybe My Vote Will Count: Putting my Faith in Voting

I’m not voting! The system is rigged! The politicians are predetermined! Polling stations are beyond illegal! My voice

These Elementary School Teachers Dressed Up as Trump's Border Wall for Halloween... Seriously

During my second year in the classroom, my 6th grade English students studied the origin and history of holidays