These high school students had a plan for a winning football season, but it got their coach fired

The Bernstein High School football program in Hollywood, California has a few problems.Some minor, but one is
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Did that whole NAACP charter school moratorium thing really happen?

This will carbon date me, but there is a famous piece of art created in 1986 called “Return To Camelot,” where an
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And They Wonder Why Feminism Exists

Throughout my years of watching sports, I’ve witnessed men fight on the field, harass referees/umpires, slur officials,
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Adapting and Adjusting as a College Student

My college experience hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to adapt and adjust along the way. However, going into my fourth year,

Looking for the ‘Wakanda factor’: 3 tips for breaking down barriers facing educators of color

It’s a persistent problem in schools across Indianapolis, the state, and the nation: Too few teachers look like their

Black Parents Are Avoiding America’s White Suburbs to Keep Their Kids Safe

When news outlets cover the harassment of black children in predominantly white neighborhoods, the narrative inevitable
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Even if You’re Twice as Good, You Can’t Outrun White Supremacy

The news this week offered two striking, if unrelated, reminders that it is impossible to outrun the scourge of racism
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10 Things Black People are not Allowed to Do or Be

From the movie, Color Purple comes one of my favorite lines, “All my life I’ve had to fight.” This line is typically my
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All those wise rules my family taught me are starting to look like a thousand points of hype 

If you are a black generation Xer it’s likely you’ve heard similar maxims from the black oral tradition that I


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