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The Struggle of Raising a Black Child in a Society That Doesn't Value Them

I am a native Washingtonian, born and raised in Anacostia, D.C. I went to DC Public Schools (Ketchum Elementary and
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Black Teachers Offer Our Black Children Something Others Can't: Empathy

I don’t have an overwhelming need to surround my kids with people who look just like them. I believe that kids should

Black 6th-Grader Arrested After Refusing to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in School

The criminalization of Black kids in schools continues with a new disturbing story coming out of Florida. A middle

5 Ways to Get Students Engaged in Black History

It’s February which means its Black History Month. It’s the time of the year in which we focus on the often-forgotten

Libraries Promote Literacy, so Why Do Schools with Mostly Students of Color Keep Cutting Librarian Jobs?

I have five areas of certification on my teaching license, and one certification happens to be library/media. This
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Let’s Stop Pitting Charter School and District Parents Against Each Other, and Start Valuing Their Right to Choose Schools

I’ll never forget the interaction with a parent of two boys who came to a school closure meeting to have her say about

Building Community and Educating Through Art in New Orleans

Ayo Scott is a New Orleans painter who can teach us all something about the importance of connection, community and art
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The Great Blackface Reckoning of 2019

America, we need to talk. Not one, not two, but THREE elected officials in Virginia are knee-deep in blackface
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While We’re Obsessed with White People in Blackface the Nation’s Schools Are Killing Black Minds

Another day, another politician with blackface in his past. If you are keeping track, three top elected officials in