PODCAST: A Desperate Bernie Uses Charter Schools as a Punching Bag and Kowtows to Teacher’s Unions
May 19, 2019

This week, the 8 Black Hands crew, minus Sharif El-Mekki, take on Bernie Sander’s call to ban for-profit charter schools and place a moratorium on the expansion of charters in general.

“Bernie Sanders has had a lot to say about education as it pertains to Black folks, and as a result, the 8 Black Hands had a lot to say to Bernie.”

In this episode, the trio asks whether the education of black and brown children as an issue is enough for you to vote (or not vote) for a certain candidate. They talk about who is the Black students’ candidate for president (spoiler: probably nobody), the future of ed reform, and applying the same criteria and critiques lobbed at charters at traditional district schools.

The episode also breaks down the education plans of some other major candidates and support for charter schools in the democratic party.

Listen to the full episode below:



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