Twitter Tantrum: President Trump Claims Voter Fraud (Without Proof) in Ongoing Races
November 9, 2018

President Trump is not a happy camper. After losing the house and with large-scale protests popping up, It’s been a pretty bad week for him and it only looks to be getting worse.

As he often does in these situations, he is currently lashing out on Twitter. In one of his more voluminous social media meltdowns, the president is currently blasting non-existent “voter fraud” taking place in Florida elections, where recounts have been triggered, as the meager leads of Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis continue to shrink.

With a clearer picture of the results of the midterm elections a few days out, it is in fact appearing more like the “blue wave” some predicted. Trump’s anger over the ongoing elections in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, and the turn they are taking is understandable when you realize any more “flips” of seats makes whatever small victory he could claim initially, close to non-existent.

Apparently, the president thinks votes that are counted after election day shouldn’t matter. At least, not when they hurt the GOP. So much for “every vote counts”

While early results seemed to show a Democratic victory in the form of 25 or so house pickups, and success for the Republicans in potentially gaining as many as 6-7 Senate seats, the final totals are looking to be closer to 35-40 house seats for Democrats and only 1-2 Senate pickups for the GOP.

With all of this in mind, and acknowledging the Presidents distaste for telling the truth, it should be no surprise that he would stoop to the level of calling results he doesn’t like “fraud.” That being said, we cannot stand idly by as the man in the highest office in our democracy openly lies about the democratic process because he doesn’t like the results.

The same person who calls the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion in our elections, which has turned up 32 indictments or guilty pleas (SO FAR) a hoax, is now very concerned with alleged “Democratic fraud” swinging elections, although there is zero evidence.

By my count, Trump has pumped out 8 tweets in the last few hours, all freaking out about the democratic process doing what it’s supposed to do and making sure every vote is counted.

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