Twitter is Dragging Education Secretary Betsy DeVos After a Terrible 60 Minutes Interview
March 12, 2018


A new interview with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on 60 minutes has many in the education world, as well those outside of it calling out the secretary for her almost surreal answers.

In the above clip, the interview’s most viral moment occurs when Lesley Stahl presses DeVos to talk about education outcomes in her home state of Michigan, before eventually asking her if she has personally visited under-performing schools. Her response? “I have not intentionally visited schools that are under-performing”.

“Maybe you should” – Lesley Stahl.


Here are some of the best takes on the 60 minutes interview on twitter:


There were the funny takes:


Maybe she was just caught off guard by the hard-hitting questions.


Erika Sanzi noted that it’s possible to support school choice initiatives while pointing out that the secretary was doing a bad job of advocating for them.


Senator Kamala Harris didn’t find it very funny. 


Representative Ted Lieu also took issue with DeVos’ inability to give adequate answers.


Kristen Clarke, like many others noted that it really seems like Betsy DeVos doesnt know much about public education at all.


But, maybe we should be digging beyond the memes of DeVos incompetence to note her real role in the Trump administration.


Betsy DeVos’ answers in the 60 minutes interview continue a pattern of ineptitude when it comes to answering what seem to be simple questions. On the plus side, maybe she’ll check out some under-performing schools now?

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