Alabama Teacher: ‘Take your happy asses to Africa and starve…America won’t lose any sleep over you
August 19, 2017

The Geneva County Schools’s website says their mission “is to educate all students for success in a diverse world.”

At least one of their educators, Danielle Earls, didn’t get the district brochure. AL.Com reports Earls posted a blatantly racist message on Facebook that was brought to Superintendent Becky Birdsong’s attention by parents. The removal of confederate monuments apparently set the substitute teacher off.

In a written statement Birdsong said “I have see the Facebook post making the rounds and frankly find it disturbing.”

“We firmly believe that education is one of the best tools we can use to overcome the relics of hateful and divisive beliefs,” she said.

The district’s technology policy calls for employees to “Be polite. Use appropriate language. No swearing, vulgarities, suggestive, obscene, belligerent, or threatening language.” Earl’s social media tirade seems to break that “Netiquette” in several places.

According to the district’s website Geneva County has a population of 26,790 people, and it is 86.3% white, 9.5% black, 0.8% American Indian, and 0.3% Asian.

Here’s what her post said before she deleted it and her Facebook account:

Everyone gets to read my opinion on FB!! (No this doesn’t happen very often) It is stupid to remove landmarks because they offend people!! Look at the eclipse and go blind and you won’t have to see any of it!! Wars, battles, victories and defeats stand for something!! Its HISTORY people!! We each sat in a class and learned about events that took place at different eras of time. If we find it fiting to remove statues and pieces of concrete that offend “a black race”, then we sure as hell need to remove the Martin Luther king jr, rosa parks, your civil rights institute!!! I recall learning about museums and houses that were dedicated to black history!! The whole month of Feb to honor you can be dismissed because we don’t need to single anyone out, however that is exactly what your doing by destroying parts of history today!! Why don’t you take your happy asses to Africa and live in the deserts and starve to death and be happy!! America will not lose any sleep over letting you go!! You can all be equal there!!! I’m sure Mr. Trump will get you a boat ready!! I vote don’t even make you pay for the ride!! I’ve never been so sick of hearing poor me I’m black in my life!! If it’s that bad then paint yourself white and shut up about Have a great day!!

Earls ended her crazy town rant with “if this offends you too then please by all means delete me!!!”

Looks like the school district took her advice and deleted her from her job assignment. Maybe now she’ll have time to take her happy ass to Europe.

See the local news coverage below:




  1. They hear and understand what they want. Just goes to show how unintelligent they are and how they managed to get as far as they did. What a waste.

  2. This is called instant karma!
    I have no words for what the supposed “teacher” said but she has NO business in a class room! Hope one day if she ever needs surgery or has some emergency that it is a BLACK Doctor, Police, Fire Fighter etc. And I want her to tell them to go back to Africa! You need to apologize publicly! Get close to God and pray for your forgiveness and then even so you DO NOT deserve your job back! You belong washing dishes in a restaurant where you are all by your lonesome white self!

  3. It’s people like Danielle that’s so ignorant. Yes,she may have been taught “fake”history, where whites rode in on their white horses to save the day. And DE to update you on some things; 1.Africa is more than desert 2.No black person would want to be white.

  4. “Africa is more than desert”. That’s right Africa is also appetizers, entrees and the salad bar.

  5. While you are at it TEACHER go take a spelling class. Take special note in the word FITTING.


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